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Originally aired on MSNBC in 2011, Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show

Can’t see the video?  Click HERE.

SUE YOUR BANK shows you how to restore your credit, negotiate with your bank, or move forward with your life all for little or no money. You have never seen solutions like THIS before! Check out SUE YOUR BANK on Amazon now! Visit Facebook page (“Sue Your Bank-the book”) for updates and announcements.

Not only did Dave win the maximum award* in Small Claims Court, the judge ordered the bank to restore Dave’s credit so he could truly move forward with his life. A true Dave vs. Goliath story. *Since the broadcast, California has increased its award limits from $7,500 to $10,000.

Since Dave’s story first aired on MSNBC, many banks are offering Courtroom Advocate clients a settlement and/or a loan modification without going to court.

Courtroom Advocates offers very affordable assistance in Small Claims Court-NATIONWIDE, as well as other court venues depending on your needs and budget.

The book: “Sue Your Bank: How to Fight Back with Little or No Money, Make Sense of Your HAMP Nightmare, & Take Back Your Life” is a no-nonsense book written by a national mortgage fraud expert who has successfully done it-in fact it was the first verdict of its kind and has been replicated thousands of times. Mortgage Fraud expert Alan R. Sims assisted homeowner Dave (his real name), and many others, to slay Goliath Bank of America and other giant banks. This book offers a simple recipe on how to sue a bank for fraud. It offers easy-to-follow instructions to help you fight back, and/or negotiate with your bank, restore your credit all while not going broke or spending years in the legal system.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-understand format. Not a legal book, it is written for John, Joan, and Dave homeowner and can be accomplished with little or no money (depending on your individual state’s court laws).

For a follow-up of Dave, visit www.Courtroom-Advocates.com and click on “Media/News” section.

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