Forensic, Residential & Commercial + Expert Witness Services

Alan R. Sims Forensic, Residential & Commercial Real Estate Appraising is a full service real estate appraisal firm serving California, as well as nationwide.

Alan R. Sims offers real estate appraisal services for real property of all sizes including large commercial and industrial real estate ventures and single residential family homes.

While we offer the highest level of real estate appraiser license in the state of California (a Certified General license) and over 20 years of experience, we offer a FREE consultation and competitive pricing for our vast array of services. We will work with you to make your appraisal project affordable.  We invite you to check out out client reviews of our services.

For 20+ years Sims has earned a reputation among property owners and the legal community for being attentive, detail oriented, forthright, persistent, meticulous and budget conscious when working with the legal team for clients.

Established in 1993, we are a full service forensic appraisal firm. The legal arena is an important focus of our services.

Our clients include some of the nation’s leading plaintiff and defense law firms.

We provide communication to meet your individual case needs, including status reports at any interval you desire to keep you informed of every phase of your case. We contact you immediately if a major issue or problem is uncovered.

Throughout the discovery and litigation process, we are cognizant of your client’s or firm’s budget.

Having been an engineer for over 20 years, Mr. Sims brings his experience to the practice of appraising. This detail oriented field brings the disciplines or mathematics, physics and systems engineering (to name a few), to each unique appraisal project.

We enjoy the detail oriented work inherent in appraising, and for this we are effective in scrutinizing other appraisals for technical errors, procedural flaws, and standard of care issues.

We work well with attorneys as we enjoy the analytical process by which attorneys express their work.

We concentrate our services in California, however we are available nationwide for any size real estate appraisal related consultation.

Whether you consider yourself a new attorney, seasoned litigator, first time homeowner, or captain of industry, we are your “tour guide” through the appraisal process, and assist you in educating your board, client, judges, and juries in a vast array of real estate matters.

A Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.


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